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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Employee Free Choice Act is dead

Thanks to Massaschusetts union members who voted for Scott Brown. This turns out to be fairly important, after the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision gave unions an unrestricted right to support individual candidates. The death of EFCA effectively ends their bid for more influence in American politics, at the time they could least afford it.

In fairness, corporate Democrats like Blanche Lincoln did much to damage the bill's prospects months ago. But it's hard to see even a diluted version moving forward now.


omen said...

but look at who fired the first shot. GM union workers had their contracts shredded while wall street execs were showered with taxpayer funded bonuses. if you send a message that disrespects workers, don't be surprised when there is a backlash. unions turned out to to get obama elected. what did they get in return? they didn't get a fighter out to protect their interests. why is loyalty expected if it's unearned?

Sini said...

I really don't think the Obama Administration made a point of disrespecting unions during their first twelve months. This was certainly the most pro-union Democratic administration since Johnson.

But I have no problems at all blaming the Senate for EFCA's demise. The politics of the bill were even worse than of health care's--almost impossible to get to 60, and reconciliation wasn't even an option since EFCA didn'tt qualify under the procedure's rules.

omen said...

the president signaled early on that he wasn't going to fight for it.

from jan 2009:

obama: I think that the way the Bush Administration managed the Department of Labor, the NLRB, and a host of other aspects of labor management relations put the thumb too heavily against unions. I want to lift that thumb. There are going to be steps that we can take other than the Employee Free Choice Act that will make a difference there.

yet he would throw out the term in rallies before union workers. (sigh) raising false expectations is not nice.

Sini said...

Nice find. I will never understand why Obama telegraphs his final negotiating position first, and then of course gets something far worse, since it's seen as his initial gambit.

But he's still the most pro-union president since LBJ, and until Brown's election, it seemed as if a law would be passed that considerably strengthened present labor law without going all the way on EFCA. And as I recall, some labor policy folks were saying that these provisions would represent an victory almost as big as EFCA. That's definitely out after Scott Brown, since I don't see Olympia Snowe helping out labor.