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Monday, January 25, 2010

Barack Herbert Hoover Obama?

Brad DeLong finally loses it over Obama's deficit reduction plan.
As one deficit-hawk journalist of my acquaintance says this evening, this is a perfect example of the fundamental unseriousness of Barack Obama and his administration: rather than make proposals that will actually tackle the long-term deficit in a serious way--either through future tax increases triggered by excessive deficits or through future entitlement spending caps triggered by excessive deficits--he comes up with a proposal that does short-term harm to the economy as an alternative to tackling the deficit in any serious and significant way.

As another points out, it is hard to imagine a less competent legislative operation: it would be one thing to offer a short-term discretionary spending freeze (or long-run entitlement caps) in return for fifteen Republican senators signing on to revenue enhancement triggers. It's quite another to negotiate against yourself by attacking employment in the short term. The fact that the unemployment rate is projected to remain stable over the next year means that there is a 30% chance it will go down, a 40% chance it will stay about the same, and a 30% chance that it will go up--and whatever it turns out to do, the administration's budget has just given it an extra 0.5% bump upwards.
This comes on the heels of Paul Krugman's equally devastating told-you-so.

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