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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hate groups endorse, organize for Scott Brown

Big surprise.
Our household just got an automated call from the "National Organization for Marriage," with a 202 area code. The auto call features a male voice, which is clearly a recording, asking if you support marriage as being only between a man and a woman. If you say "yes," then the voice urges you to vote for Scott Brown as the only candidate with a proven record of supporting marriage as between a man and a woman. The call says that his opponent is a "radical" supporter of same-sex marriage who has opposed letting the people decide and has used taxpayer dollars to support the agenda of same-sex marriage. The call ends by asking if "we can count on you to vote for Scott Brown." The quality of the recording is mediocre at best.
Also via Americablog, news that Brown's latest endorsers have been formally identified as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Brown was endorsed Wednesday by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, one of the most aggressive organizations against illegal immigration in the country (the group runs a Web page where it encourages people to "report illegal immigrants, employers that hire illegal labor, and smugglers"). Officials say ALIPAC is backing Brown "due to his campaign's focus on the issue of the illegal immigration." The endorsement may not be entirely welcome news; the Southern Poverty Law Center points out that the group is aligned with the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which the SPLC claims is a hate group. (FAIR vehemently disputes that charge.)

Another group on the SPLC's list, MassResistance, is also urging its ideological allies to vote for Brown. A blatantly anti-gay organization, MassResistance says Democratic candidate Martha Coakley's "enthusiastic support of [the] radical homosexual/transgender agenda" is reason enough to oppose her -- though the group worries Brown is moving to the left to try to win independents. "Let's hope the election comes quickly, before Brown morphs into a Republican Barney Frank," says an analysis of the race on the MassResistance Web site. But the group still says Brown is "the best man" for the Senate seat.

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