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Monday, October 12, 2009


Michael Jackson wrote a song with Paul Anka?! And then plagiarized himself posthumously with "This is It?" The lawsuits follow him even in death.

After “This Is It” was released last night it soon became clear to many listeners that the tune, which features on the soundtrack to the forthcoming movie of the same name and is credited to just Jackson, was very similar to “I Never Heard.” Late this afternoon TMZ reported that Jackson “stole” the tapes of “I Never Heard” after Jackson and Anka had written the song and only returned them once Anka threatened to sue. Meanwhile, the New York Times quoted Anka as saying, “It’s exactly the same song. They just changed the title.”

According to Abbatiello, “I Never Heard” was originally supposed to be duet between Anka and Safire. But the manager claimed that, after Jackson met with Safire, he “gave” her the song and told her to put it out with his blessing. Abbatiello also expressed amazement that no one at Michael Jackson’s record company Sony had seemingly bothered to research the possibility that the song had been been previously released. “This is a terrible mistake,” he told EW. “I’m pretty sure Paul Anka has a big case. I don’t know if Safire has any legal right as the artist. I’ll have to contact my lawyers. But, hopefully. They’re advertising this movie everywhere.” (Sony declined to offer any comment on the controversy.)

It's not that great a song. But then, even a 0.01% royalty off of This is It the film and soundtrack could put a litter of Anka's great grandchildren through Yale. Or for a divorce settlement with his wife Anna... whom he's still married to!

Anka has a child (Ethan * 2006) with Swedish Anna Anka (born Ã…berg and earlier married Yeager)). Anka and Anna Yeager were married in Sardinia during the summer of 2008. On 28 November 2008 Anna was arrested on domestic battery charges after striking Paul in the head with a piece of ice; the wound required two staples to close. Paul Anka was not interested in pressing charges and the Ventura county district attorney's office decided to not prosecute the case. Anna is currently one of the women in the new Swedish TV3 show Svenska Hollywoodfruar (Swedish Hollywood wives). On Paul Ankas official website Anna Anka claims to be a former miss Sweden. In Swedish media Anna Anka claimed to have placed second in the miss Sweden pageant due to her already have won miss Hawaiian tropic. Anna Anka never competed in miss Sweden and was never miss Hawaiian tropic.

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