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Monday, October 05, 2009

Senate candidacy going down? In flames?

If Charlie Crist is outed during the 2010 Florida senate campaign, two things could happen, few of which are bad.

1. He could win the primary anyway, though it's hard to see how GOP primary voters would be forgiving of a gay homsexual. A gay candidate as the GOP standardbearer in a (nominally) Southern state would have huge nationwide implications.

2. He could lose the primary in a vicious campaign against archconservative Cuban American Marco Rubio. In which case moderate voters might well vote for the Democrat, creating an unexpected pickup opportunity.

3. Crist could win by saying the allegations are false and that he hates gays and will back an anti-marriage amendment, which would be... ugh.

But today Down with Tyranny adds:

Monday the highly acclaimed film Outrage will start airing on HBO for several weeks. The films points clearly to Crist's hypocrisy as a closeted homosexual who has persecuted gay people for personal political advantage and to help cover up his own "transgressions."

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