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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Want to eliminate government waste?

Start with six billion dollars by government-paid corporate thieves. Where are they?

In Iraq and Afghanistan. These Bush hires are paid to support"the troops, but there's a load of evidence that they aren't doing their jobs well at all. Worse still, they aren't part of the chain of command, so they can't always be controlled. And often enough, they steal your tax dollars outright.

A major trouble spot is the business systems and procedures that companies use to bill the government. The numbers are eye-popping. Defense auditors have found at least $6 billion in questionable charges generated by sloppy accounting or, worse, contractors trying to bilk the military.

Yet, the Pentagon has done a poor job of recovering the money and forcing companies to improve, according to the independent Commission on Wartime Contracting. The panel cites dysfunction among auditors and contract managers, a shortage of personnel and a failure to be more confrontational with contractors who don't measure up.

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