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Friday, October 09, 2009

A very early test

Of how the Nobel Prize affects his presidency is his upcoming speech to the Human Rights Campaign. Can he use his international stature to discuss the struggle for gay rights in a global context? It would be smart--it would allow him to look like a fighter for gay rights around the globe while not giving gays in the US anything they are fighting for. He could also differentiate himself from earlier prizewinners like Lech Walesa, who called gays "sick" and homosexuality "intrinsically evil," and Mother Teresa, who said AIDS was God's punishment.

But somehow I think we'll get the worst of all worlds: self-congratulation for appointing a gay man to an ambassadorship (pretty unimpressive what with the France's Thai-loving culture minister and the German foreign minister... not to mention Condoleeza) and empty words about the need for equality bereft of the global context that could make his speech historic.

As for the forever ridiculous HRC, I can't really improve on Dan Savage's critique. He calls them "Obama's Step 'n Felchits."

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