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Friday, October 02, 2009

Silvio Berlusconi "knew I was an escort"


Berlusconi has sued newspapers for libel for coverage of the scandal and was reportedly "indignant" about D'Addario's live interview.

RAI lawyers unsuccessfully pressured the show's host, Michele Santoro, to cancel D'Addario's appearance. "The public does not want censorship," Santoro said.

D'Addario's interview was watched by 7.3 million Italians, a 30% share of viewers.

Political allies of the prime minister have listed other RAI shows they believe are biased against Berlusconi, including the widely respected investigative programme Report. A newspaper owned by Berlusconi's brother has urged Italians not to pay their licence fee.

Italian journalists will lead a nationwide protest tomorrow against perceived curbs on the press by Berlusconi, who owns three private television stations.

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