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Friday, October 09, 2009


Best picture nomination? Wow. And who knew that the Pointer Sisters' legendary producer was dating Jane Fonda?

Lee Daniels‘ “Precious” got a rare standing ovation last night at the New York Film Festival. This is the powerful indie film starring Mariah Carey, who does a wonderful job as a Harlem social worker. She is so inside the character of Mrs.Weiss, with a Long Island accent and no makeup, some fans may have to be convinced it’s the pop singer. [...]

At the jam-packed party at the Oak Room in the Plaza Hotel, Mary J. Blige appeared with one of the most obnoxious bodyguards ever. He made a big deal of protecting her from…no one. No one cared that she was there. And we thought she was all about “No More Drama.” Ironically, it wasn’t even Mary J. that people wanted to see, but Gabby Sidibe, the star of the movie.

Mariah Carey made a five-minute pit stop at the party, then took off.

“Precious” is clearly the indie sleeper of the year. When it finally arrives in November, expect big audiences. And Oscar nominations in January for Best Picture, Director, Adapted Screenplay, Actress (Gabby Sidibe), and one or more Supporting Actresses (Mariah, Mo’Nique). Lee Daniels has really crafted an emotional rollercoaster in “Precious,” one that never fails to be totally involving. “Precious” is unsparing but it’s also absent of cliche. How refreshing. It’s completely original. No one will want to miss it.

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el blogador said...

When I went to see "Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail" like over a year ago at the (black) theater near me, everyone *loved* the preview for "Precious". It seems heavy in a good way - but that's what a good survival-themed movie is.