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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The new version of the public option

States will have the right to opt out.

This is great, because a majority of Southern states, already recipients of too much federal largesse, will opt out. This will leave more money to more civilized parts of the country. More importantly, the greater amount of cash may also result in a higher percentage coverage.

It will also create a large pool of people in every Southern state who will absolutely hate the GOP... forever.

It also means the public option would be robust, wherever it was permitted to exist. The only real losers are middle class workers throughout the South who vote the right way and get screwed by the corporatist legislators, in both parties (yes, including you, Mary Landrieu and Blanche Lincoln) , who run their lives.

I think we might want to go a step further and give them the chance to opt out of Medicare, highway money and military bases as well.

What I'd really like to see is a tax fairness amendment: let no state receive more than 5% more or less than it pays into the federal government. It would never get the three-fourths of the states required to ratify. It wouldn't get the two-thirds of the House and Senate either. But that's precisely what makes it such a great talking point.

Tell your elected representatives: it's time for every government throughout the Midwest, West and East Coasts to stop the South from stealing your tax money. If we're lucky, we'll get the old Confederacy riled up enough to secede.

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Steven said...

The opt-out provision is tantalizing. It might be difficult to get state governments to opt-out of something that wouldn't appear to cost the states any money.

But I wonder if Insurance lobbyist could actually convince the New York Legislature to opt out....I would bet my house against it.