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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Moonie Times

For once, getting it right:

The president has planned five meetings of his national security team that take place in the sanctuary of the Situation Room as he tries to decide whether to deploy tens of thousands of additional troops to execute a counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan, or to settle with a smaller military footprint and instead focus on surgical strikes against al Qaeda.

The White House has announced each meeting in advance, described who would attend, provided a public readout afterward to explain what transpired and even distributed photos. Beyond that, the positions being staked out by key figures, including his top military and political advisers, have swiftly made their way into the public domain.

Allies of the president have praised this process, saying it is the most sensible way for a leader to plot a successful course for such a treacherous mission. They see Mr. Obama's insistence on a deliberative process as an unblinking approach to assessing the facts.

"I think that he is right to emphasize that he is taking this very seriously," said Parag Khanna, a senior research fellow at the New America Foundation who served as a campaign adviser to Mr. Obama on Afghanistan and Pakistan policy.

It is what many on the left consider to be an anti-Bush view that facts, data, processes and intellectual, reasoned assessment should be the rule for decision-making, and not a reliance on gut or instinct, as President George W. Bush was often characterized as doing.

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