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Monday, October 12, 2009

Flash: Anka can avenge the ice pick incident

He'll get his 50% of the songwriting royalties.

Still more:

For Mr. Anka, the song has a long and painful history. He said that he and Jackson wrote and recorded it in 1983 in Mr. Anka’s studio in Carmel, Calif., and that it had been intended as a duet for Mr. Anka’s album “Walk a Fine Line.”

But shortly after it was recorded Jackson took the tapes, Mr. Anka said. He threatened to sue to get them back, he said, and now has the original multitrack tapes in his possession, along with documentation that the copyright for the song was held by both men. “It’s exactly the same song,” Mr. Anka said. “They just changed the title.”

And here's some bad news: Jackson's executor says "This is It" was the best of the fifty unreleased songs he took to Sony. Let's hope LaToya has something better in her stolen hard drive.

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