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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Carla Bruni

Better known as the Praying Mantis, the French first lady may never realize that she really isn't in a position to compete with Michelle Obama. But to Bruni, fashion is all a first lady can be measured on; hence her sadly mistaken self-assessment.

Carla Bruni today admitted she is locked in a never-ending ‘beauty contest’ with other First Ladies around the world.

The 41-year-old uses her new official website to further her image as an international sex symbol, with a gushing personal profile describing her as someone with a ‘romantic destiny’ who has to ‘face history with a cool head and a smile on her lips.’

But, despite a biography which includes details about friction with former wives of her new husband President Nicolas Sarkozy, there is no mention whatsoever of her young son, Aurelien. [...]

Instead, millions across the world who were today logging on to the unique site for the first time, can read extensively about the former supermodel’s good looks.

While referring to America’s Michelle Obama and Princess Letizia of Spain as her chief rivals in the beauty stakes, Ms Bruni makes only a couple of passing references to Britain’s Sarah Brown.

Indeed a posting on the site recalls a visit to Madrid in April, ‘which was once more an opportunity to compare the styles of First Ladies’.

It continues: ‘As with Michelle Obama, it is a beauty contest between Princess Letizia, a former star journalist, and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, ex-top model.

‘From their Louboutin shoes to their Azzedine Ala├»a dresses, the essentials are all there.’ [...]

A sentence which may or may not be ironic reads: ‘According to Vanity Fair Michelle Obama is one of the world’s ten best-dressed women’.

Other entries in the site make it clear that Ms Bruni frequently tops such polls. [...]

Ms Bruni makes no mention of her long list of former famous lovers, including English rock stars Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, and former French Socialist Prime Minister Laurent Fabius.

More surprisingly, Aurelien, her nine-year-old son with philosophy professor Raphael Enthoven, is completely written out of her life story too. Many in France have commented on how Ms Bruni is never pictured with the boy, and never mentions him.

As Daily Mail reader Serena wrotes:

Cannot bear this woman.

I agree with what others here have said: it is demeaning to other nations' First Ladies, for Ms. Bruni to categorise them 'competitors' in some imaginary beauty pageant.

And between Ms. Bruni and Michelle Obama, I know who I would prefer to spend an afternoon with. Michelle Obama doesn't allow either her position or her 'image' to come between her and others. That's real class. Michelle is a lady - and elegant - precisely because she is not self-absorbed, and is interested in others. That is something that Bruni will never understand.

I never have liked Bruni. Now I know exactly why that is.

There's a small flip side, but we'll cover that another time.

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