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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bottom line

A court packed with nine meateaters will back the First Amendment over doggy snuff videos any day of the week. Sadly, I'm not sure I even disagree.

But one still might argue with good Justice Ginsburg take on this:

The justices did not seem inclined to expand categories of speech outside the protection of the First Amendment, notably obscenity and child pornography, to encompass violent images unrelated to sex.

In child pornography, Justice Ginsburg said, “the very taking of the picture is the offense — that’s the abuse of the child.” In dogfighting, by contrast, she continued, “the abuse of the dog and the promotion of the fight is separate from the filming of it.”

Ms. Millett agreed. “If you throw away every dogfighting video in the country tomorrow,” Ms. Millett said, “dogfighting will continue.”

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