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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Americablog is done with Obama

On gay rights. I would still wait until, say, nine months after health care is passed before rendering that kind of judgement. It was, I should add, precisely the boilerplate speech I predicted.

Regardless, the Democratic Party will need to count on the gay ATM (GayTM?) before the midterm elections, so they'll need to show tangible progress. My guess is that Obama and the party will come through on just enough to get the cash needed for the midterms.

Obama will not expend the political capital to repeal DOMA and he will not repeal civil unions. Not in his first (possibly only) term. Hillary Clinton wouldn't have either; don't forget it was Bill Clinton who famously told John Kerry to throw gays under the bus in 2004. But he may push for ending employment discrimination against gays, which is perfectly legal in most states.

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Anonymous said...

who stands to lose if gay rights wins passage? isn't it the insurance lobby? any hints they've been pressuring obama not to repeal doma/dadt?

i started to wonder after reading he put forth a domestic partnership benefits package for federal workers, but it lacked health coverage. why was that excluded?

if this is the case, we need to step it up a notch and start doing sit-ins at insurance company headquarters.