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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome Daily Kos readers

And thanks for the link to our call to boycott Whole Foods. It never occurred to me that no one had called for one yet. So for once we were out ahead of Kos' fiery diarists. Vote with your feet.

The next step, for the intrepid, would be to find out if there are any fraudulent business practices over at Whole Foods.

Scientists: Are there any foods labeled organic that have a trace of pesticide on them? Videotape your visit, bring the produce to your lab. If you find something, put your whole trip on YouTube.

Labor activists: What do they pay their workers? What kinds of benefits do they get?

Progressives: how does this company give back to the community? How about picking two issues that are so patently offensive to progressives (their CEO's position on health care reform is really enough of course), and organizing a picket?

If, for whatever reason, health care reform were to fail, make the boycott permanent. Every business that depends on progressive customers should have to make a pro-reform stand now, or at the very least do no harm.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

picket! on top of the boycott?

you're a genius. i can picture the bad publicity already. priceless!