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Friday, July 10, 2009

(Ghost) writing a tell-all

JUSIPER favorite Levi Johnston is fixin' to write a book about Bristol, Sarah and the rest of the Palin family. This according to his bodyguard and publicist, whose name is Tank.

UPDATE: Here's an interview.

UPDATE #2: Tank is black! And Bristol's baby daddy is half Mexican! What would the Republican base have thought if that had come out during the campaign?!

UPDATE #3: Apparently Levi is also interested in modeling.

UPDATE #4: Tank Jones Investigations has a My Space page. Appropriately enough, he's an R. Kelly fan. More on Mr. Kelly here. And Dave Chappelle's rather profound reflections here: "How old is fifteen, really?"

UPDATE #5: Tank's real name is Sherman.

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el blogador said...

He doesn't have the facial symmetry or the abs for modelling. I think the best he can hope for is a fish-out-of-water reality show.