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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vampires, vampires everywhere

Claiming to represent Michael Jackson, who barely knew them. The media, utterly clueless as ever, treats them as authorities because they are the standard media whores for any news categorized as "black."

Al Sharpton ("representing the Jackson family, who Michael barely communicated with)

Jesse Jackson

BET and Robert "Something in the Neighborhood" Johnson

Don Lemon, pleasant enough but better suited to hosting something in the entertainment division, is hosting CNN's evening news show live from the BET Awards red carpet, where black celebrities (who again, barely knew Jackson) use the microphones to announce their new movie or album and, as an afterthought, dedicate their shamelessly self-promoted project to Michael Jackson.

Oh... and now word is that Joe Jackson, the man whose abuse caused at least half of Michael's mental problems, will be making an appearance on the red carpet. Of course he is!

Yuck, yuck, yuck. And the bloodsucking, sadly, has barely begun.

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Anonymous said...

Every time Joe Jackson is on tv I feel sick. Now he is talking about starting a production company. Wonder who will be his new star - or should I say stars as in three little Michaels.