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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Michael Jackson I prefer to remember

In no particular order. This is a highly idiosyncratic selection. Any best of list would include "Billie Jean" from Motown 25 and any number of other songs. But these are the ones I find myself going back to.

"I'll Be There" (live, Motown 25 version... minutes later, he would change the world)

"Maybe Tomorrow"

"I Want You Back" (The Jackson Five's first and greatest)

"Dancing Machine" (has to be watched)

"Who's Lovin' You"

"Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)"

"Can You Feel It"

"Time Waits for No One"

"Off the Wall"

"Workin' Day and Night"

"Get On The Floor"

"Human Nature"

"We Are the World"

"Man in the Mirror"

"Smooth Criminal"

"In the Closet"

"Who Is It"

"Heal the World"

"Scream" (Janet's greatest song, by a mile)

There's other songs I go to, many, oddly, from the Dangerous period. Even the MTV Tenth Anniversary performance is bizarrely fascinating. But it's some consolation that there's nothing on this list that's after 1991. And even loosening the standards a bit, there wouldn't have been anything past 1995.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY!!! I had been waiting for this post...

Anonymous said...

wasn't a jackson fan. didn't know "in the closet." wow.

imagine the impact if he had come out. people wouldn't have been surprised, but still, it would have made a wave. might have moved more people into acceptance.

he could have done so much more. such a loss.