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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The number one song in the US and UK is "Man in the Mirror." The song is also in the top 10 in English-speaking Ireland and New Zealand. Germany and its satellites prefer "Earth Song" and the jerky, jagged and controversial "They Don't Care About Us." Latin countries prefer songs from Thriller, plus, of course, "We Are the World."

Michael Jackson also holds down the top four spots on the album charts. And he has at least five of the top 10 in the US, UK (7of the top 10), France, (8), Germany (6), Australia, Austria, Belgium (7), Denmark (6), Finland, Greece (6), Ireland, (top 6 plus 1), Italy (8), Netherlands (9!), New Zealand, Norway (6), Spain (6), Sweden (6), and Switzerland (8).

I can't imagine we'll ever see such a feat again.

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el blogador said...

Everyone here in the Netherlands keeps telling me how sorry they are about Michael Jackson and that he died so soon.

"Well, do you think he was a pedophile?", I'm like, and they inevitably say yes right away.

"Well then," I continue, "I would rather have a pedophile die young than lead a long long life, especially when he has lawyers that can keep him from getting convicted."

Usually after that they don't have much to say.