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Monday, June 01, 2009

" It was a good deed that brought peace for many innocents through the death of a wicked serial killer."

However much pro-lifers may claim to condemn the murder of physicians, it is certainly a matter of fact to them that every fetus is precisely equivalent to a human being. Consequently, the million or so abortions that take place in the US every year are equivalent to mass murder. How can this not be a perfectly just war to them?

On July 29, 1994, Hill approached a Pensacola, Florida abortion clinic with which he was familiar. When he spotted physician John Britton and his clinic escort, James Barrett, outside, he shot them both at close range with a shotgun. In addition to the two murders, Hill seriously wounded Barrett's wife, Joan. He was arrested moments later.

On December 6, 1994, Hill was sentenced to death by lethal injection under Florida law.

In a statement before his execution, Hill said that he felt no remorse for his actions, and that he expected "a great reward in Heaven". During his trial, the judge did not allow Hill to use an affirmative defense of justification. Hill said he viewed the acts as defensive rather than retributive. Hill left behind a manuscript manifesto which his backers promised him they would publish. That manifesto and his address to the jury that convicted him echoed the words of John Brown, who had attempted to incite a violent insurrection to end slavery in the United States. Hill was not apologetic for the killings, and in his last words he encouraged others who believe abortion is an illegitimate use of lethal force to "do what you have to do to stop it".

Three groups are the lifeblood of most religious organizations: the most frequent attendees (who in turn become volunteers), the biggest donors, and the church leaders who feed off of them. The third group has wielded abortion effectively: the first two groups feel like holy warriors whose energy and cash makes them God's chosen, the righteous ones.

And let's face it, funding the GOP and killing doctors is a lot easier than the arduous path of self-purification that Christ taught, which the Catholic Church once emphasized (until John Paul II so ahistorically elevated abortion to its current theological place) and that Protestantism dropped from its inception.

Martyrdom and sainthood are defined by the victors in great historical-political-theological struggles. To the degree these folks take over their churches and succeed in changing their country's laws, Paul Hill and his fellow church-sponsored murderers will indeed be remembered as martyrs for American Christianism.

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