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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A pre-results Survey USA poll on American Idol tells us a couple of things:

1. The show's viewership is not disproportionately female.

2. The show's viewership is primarily middle aged: a full 40% are between ages 35 and 54, and still another 28% are older than 55.

3. Black people are more likely than any other ethnic group to watch the show. 53% claimed to watch the show, as opposed to 35% of whites and 29% of Hispanics.

4. The South accounts for 35% of the show's viewership.

5. Blacks favored Kris Allen 68-29. Whites favored him 49-43. And Hispanics favored Adam Lambert 69-27. That matches interestingly with Nate Silver's recent finding regarding homophobia: that Hispanics are no more opposed to gay marriage than whites--while blacks are overwhelmingly against.

6. The South, predictably, basked Kris Allen 59-34. Other regions marginally backed Kris. The West, however, backed Adam Lambert 60-36.

7. Everyone thought Adam would win.

8. The 55+ group, God bless it, was the only one to back the Glambert.

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