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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Latina on the court!

Barring a scandal, and I don't think there will be one, it will be very hard to derail this nomination. The first Hispanic on the court and only the third woman, her qualifications are not particularly assailable. And the press conference was extraordinarily stirring.

Her physical features are identifiably Hispanic. If the Republicans try to slow her down or attack her personally, Democrats win regardless. Because the Republican base is so fired up about Hispanic immigration, senators from core Republican states may feel the need to attack her anyway. Because the GOP won't have the votes to filibuster the appointment, this is a double win for Democrats. They'll get her on the Court, but Republicans will still manage to anger Hispanics by victimizing her.

And the Hispanic vote is further locked into the Democratic Party. And because Obama's reelection will depend on Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona (and Florida), this is smart.

None of which is proof that she'll be a particular friend to progressive causes on the Court. Or that she'll have the heft to persuade Anthony Kennedy to side with her. On the other hand, I have a feeling she could probably beat him up if he didn't.

UPDATE: An excellent piece on the nominee and her prospects from SCOTUSblog.

UPDATE 2: Six Catholics on the Court. But now two of them may be pro-choice and pro gay rights. And only one, perhaps, will have a faith that isn't mediated by the Republican Party (prior to the Mediatrix).

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