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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Simon advisor: Classic Pete Wilson campaign in the works against Bustamante

Many of Jorge Luis Macias' recent pieces in La Opinion on the recall election have been must reads. This past Tuesday his recall wrapup also reported on a rather interesting conversation:

"The Republican Party, according to former Bill Simon advisor K. B. Forbes, plans to launch direct attacks on Bustamante's campaign through the use of anti-immigrant rhetoric that will come from the campaign of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his campaign chief, ex-governor Pete Wilson.

"'It will be interesting to find out the moment that they will choose those who supported Proposition 187 -- Arnold Schwarzenegger and ex-governor Pete Wilson -- to attack together and explode both Davis and Cruz Bustamante,' said Forbes.

"Schwarzenegger was a firm supporter of Proposition 187, promoted by Pete Wilson; the theme divided Californians. Even though the initiative was approved by an ample majority of voters, it was later declared unconstitutional.

"'Two weeks prior to the October 7th election, the plan is to present Bustamante as a liar, as a person who made commercials in Spanish (supporting the re-election of Davis) and now wishes to distance himself from him, even though he knows that he part of the same problem [the fiscal crisis of $38.2 billion] that affects California,' Forbes indicated.

"This is the type of discourse that took Pete Wilson to victory over Kathleen Brown after having trailed her by more than 20 points in 1994.

The article goes on to quote vehement denials from every state Republican Party leader, closing with a response by Bustamante advisor Richie Ross: "Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pete Wilson personify the same devil. They are the same person, they have the same ideology and they are racist, racist, racist."

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