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Saturday, August 30, 2003

FRC: Racicot schedules secret homosexual activity, signs on to gay agenda

Ken Connor of the Family Research Council is furious at former Montana governor and current RNC head Marc Racicot for calling a secret meeting with gay activists in which, it appears, he "implied that religious conservatives who oppose the gay political agenda are motivated by fear and ignorance."

It now surfaces that this was not even Racicot's first time engaging in such activity.

"As governor of Montana in November 2000, he signed an executive order establishing 'sexual orientation' as a protected civil right without the benefit of public hearings or public notice (possibly violating the state's open meetings law). Only gay activists were invited to the hearing that preceded Gov. Racicot's action and opponents were kept entirely in the dark. The governor's action preempted the Montana Legislature, which had refused to pass an expansion of civil rights to encompass sexual conduct. Gov. Racicot simply added this provision to existing state law by executive fiat."

Maybe he should have run for senator after all.

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